History of Schaumburg

History of Schaumburg

Schaumburg was incorporated as a village in 7th March 1956, but its history not only starts from here, its history was started when it was held by Native American Tribes like Sauk, Fox, Pottawatomie and Kickapoo tribes. At that time there were no Luxurious Apartments near Schaumburg IL like now. Life was never easy as it is now.

Later the travellers from Germany and Eastern States of America arrived here and decided to settle here, as the history tells us the first settler in this town was Trumball Kent from Oswego, New York, but the first recorded settler of this town was Johann Sunderlage who an immigrant from Germany in 1836. Sunderlage owned their own land in 1842 when they bought land in Federal Land Sale.

In the 1840s this land was owned by 56% by people of the Eastern United States and 28 % were Germans, but by the 1850s population of Germans increased by 48% and of people from the Eastern United States were 28%. Finally, in the 1870s this whole area was owned by Germans and only they were the people who left here to run this land for survival.

According to the land records, it was officially confirmed that now only Germ descendants were left here to own this whole land. The reason for the migration of Yankees was the hope of more land in West on beautiful plains and they sold out their lands to the German-born. Germans ruled this place for next 60 years until in 1930s German’s Farms were purchased by Non-German settler and other companies.

Still those people respected the German’s heritage and German was the language spoken in this land for a very long time. In that time Schaumburg was known as Sarah’s Grove, this name was given to this land by the three main families of this land, they decided this name because in each family there was the girl named Sarah. But this name was only used by the natives it was not the official name of this land.

In 1851 this land was officially named as Township 41. In the 1850s during a Township meeting, two more names were suggested for this village which was Lutherville and Lutherburg, then suddenly during the argument a Frederick Nerge stamped his fist onto the table and called out “Schaumburg ichall et heiten” which meant that it will be called Schaumburg. Frederick was the prominent German Landlord of this town

Since then this town was officially named as Schaumburg, after this, the town started to progress and they grow potatoes, raise cattle and produce dairy products for their survival. This town is extensively covered with dense trees which contain many wild animals like geese, ducks, quails, prairie chicken, rabbits and deer.

In 1858a small market was built in this town which consists of two general stores, four cheese factories, a cobbler, a tailor, a waggon maker and a blacksmith. After some rough roads were built people used to travel 27 miles to Chicago in order to sell their products. After some time this town emerged as a developed town with luxurious lives of the residents.