SWAT Teams Surround Marietta Apartment Searching For Fugitive

There is heavy police activity around a Marietta apartment complex. (Shutterstock)

MARIETTA, GA — SWAT teams surrounded a Marietta apartment complex Thursday morning in an attempt to capture a wanted fugitive. The search took place at The Park on Windy Hill apartments. Police were searching for Maliek Dandridge, 27, who they believed was hiding in an attic space inside the apartment building.

Atlanta police were searching for Dandridge on an outstanding aggravated battery warrant. Atlanta police entered the apartment where they believed Dandridge to be hiding, and found evidence of firearms. Police believed Dandridge had entered the attic directly above the unit, and called in Marietta SWAT teams to assist.

Police found damage inside the attic, leading them to believe Dandridge was attempting to flee from the building by exiting from a neighboring unit. Next door neighbors told police they heard noises coming from above their units, leading police to believe Dandridge was still inside.

The apartments were evacuated and SWAT teams surrounded the building. Police searched each unit for the next four hours, and finished clearing the building just before noon.

Police Activity in the area of 2121 Windy Hill Road. Please avoid the area if possible. https://t.co/gLSbFFPc3E— Marietta Police (@MariettaPD) May" class="redactor-linkify-object">https://twitter.com/MariettaPD… 16, 2019

Dandridge is still at large.

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